Our Favorite Products this Holiday Season

Whether we're savoring a scoop of peppermint ice cream or mixing a batch of eggnog to share at our holiday party, we always find a way to enjoy our favorite dairy products throughout the season. This year, we've made a list and checked it twice, so we could share some of our holiday go-to's with you. Scroll through to find [...]

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Cheese Carrying the Day – Progressive Dairyman

In 2016, U.S. dairy consumption hit 591 pounds per capita and cheese was at the forefront of the dairy category with consumption at 36.3 pounds per person. In 2017, cheese is continuing to lead in dairy sales and consumption. Tom Gallagher, CEO of Dairy Management, Inc., discusses his take on how cheese has, and continues to "carry the [...]

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Will Whey Win the Protein Battle? – Milk Magazine

The FDA has announced their plan to revoke long-standing claims regarding the heart health benefits of soy proteins, providing an opportunity for whey protein sales to increase when manufacturers begin looking for soy alternatives. Daily Dairy Report analyst and managing partner at Ceres Dairy Risk Management, Sara Dorland details the potential risks and rewards for whey protein in a market where [...]

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Puerto Rico’s Dairy Industry Flattened by Maria – NPR

Puerto Rico continues to suffer in the wake of Hurricane Maria. With delayed government relief aid and efforts, citizens and volunteers have taken it upon themselves to restore the island. Veterinarian and cattle care specialist Manuel Perez had to bury 70 of his herd of 670 and is still attempting to locate a number of missing cows, goats, [...]

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Dairy Trade Mission in Cuba – The Milkweed

Sugar has dominated Cuban agriculture for hundreds of years, leaving little room for any other agricultural sector to develop– especially dairy. Bob Wolter of Creative Business Services (CBS) hopes to change that by establishing a Trading Company would allow the U.S. to import higher quality goods to Cuba. He details CBS' recent trade mission and his goals [...]

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Ethiopian Dairy Start-Up Empowers Female Refugees – UNHCR

After fleeing Somalia, 20 female refugees found strength and self-reliance in running a UNHCR sponsored Dairy Retail Cooperative in Ethiopia. The women's dedication to their newfound work and the support they provide one another is an inspiration and shows how the dairy industry can contribute to an equitable and more accessible working world. Read More

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